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NATIONAL HOUSE - "Residence of Tammy" is an object built in 2008. within the company that produces cosmetics cosmetics company "Tammy" from 1988. in a very specific style with a very unusual location in the Srem District of Vojvodina.

Facility "Tammy Konak" is located in the suburb of Sabac. He does not belong to the original architecture of Serbia but matches the tenderest vernacular style pseudobondruk construction, which is most widely used in Britain, and in the 18th century. Parts of the facility resemble the works of ancient towns. The ceremonial entrance porch, worn oak pillars from the time of King Milos Obrenovic, give a specific charm of this building. The entrance to the building from the inside resembles the warm south Italy - a typical Mediterranean with a hint of flirtation in the Austrian lake floor syllable, capitals, wrought-iron balustrade in shallow and ornamentation of windows and architectural ensembles of various kinds, the sumptuous decor of this impressive buildings sprouted in Srem.

Place Platičevo from the Belgrade airport is situated 65km, 60km Novi Sad, Ruma 24km, 24km Sremska Mitrovica and Sabac 9km. Near this place are very specific historical and cultural sites: Sirmium, hunting Maletića Lug, and Karakuša famous for white truffles and black truffles galore, Obed bar, bar Trskovaca in Platičevo, Museum bread Zasavica natural resources with very rare birds, monasteries Hopovo, Kaon and Sveta Petka Petkovici ...

Platičevo hunting area has a very favorable geographical position. It is next Novi Sad highway - Ruma - Sabac and near large centers Domestic tourism TAMMY living quarters, while the position of the National home is very favorable for the arrival of the clients, because of the car - the Belgrade - Zagreb is 21 km from the airport in Surcin 65 km. The National House Tammy Shelter, providing accommodation to hunters who come here.

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